Drilling Fluids and
EOR Products


Team: who we are and where we are general description

Located in Houston, Texas - the capitol of international oil and gas industry, we are driven to develop next generation products and technologies in drilling fluids and enhanced oil recovery with our dedicated and creative team. 

Capability: what we can do for client, Partner and potential team members

We emphasize research that has the potential to make a difference for oil and gas exploration, production, and recovery to be safer, more reliable, more efficient, and more sustainable. Our expertise forges the links between chemicals and drilling, EOR technologies that lead to applicable, innovative solutions. We closely collaborate with top academic research institutes and professional research laboratories to leverage the expertise, knowledges, and facilities for cutting edge innovations. We also actively participate in industrial organizations, committees, and technical conferences to provide our insights and support the future and transition of energy industry.

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Focused on developing environmentally sustainable products for drilling operations for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, key WBM and OBM additives and system including He-Mul OBM emulsifiers,  HT-100 high performance WBM provide an alternative solution to traditional drilling fluids in environmental sensitive areas. These products have been successfully applied for drilling technically challenged HPHT wells in Southwest China and Western China.

Optimizing the oil and gas recovery of matured reservoirs while reducing the consumption of energy and water resources and associated emissions and waste is our research commitment on EOR products and technologies. Our innovative in-depth polymer conformance control system G-2 and G-4 is the leading technology in improving water and polymer flooding efficiency for matured oil field with high water cuts. Integrated with our unique ultralow interfacial tension surfactants, the new “shutoff-conformance-surfactant flooding” chemical EOR concept has been applied successfully in both conventional and unconventional oil fields.

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