Drilling Technology, Products, and Automation



Our team's innovation rests on three pillars:

Major testing capabilities include

Organic innovation from our CNPC innovators who are making significant contributions to solving the world's energy challenges.

Working closely with top academic institutions and engaging in synergistic research that leverages industry experts and companies to transfer knowledge, new technologies and new products for immediate impact on real-world applications.

Active speaking engagements, presentations, publications, and endorsements at key societies, standards organizations, and global energy conferences to help establish best practices and standards, foster innovation, and provide insight into the future direction of the energy industry.


Introduced breakthrough cutter technologies, such as shaped cutters, which significantly improved cutter life and cutting efficiency. These cutters allow fast drilling in formations such as conglomerates and granite that were previously impossible with planar cutters.

Improved drilling performance and extending bit life through innovative proprietary technologies and methodologies. Going down to the molecular level to develop the next generation of super hard materials.



Led the way in innovative methods for optimizing bit and BHA design and drilling hybrid approach of physics-based modeling and data-driven machine learning.

Developed high-temperature, high-pressure in-bit sensors and electronics packages that can withstand the harsh environments of ultra-deep and hard-to-drill formations/reservoirs, and serve as a fundamental building block for autonomous drilling.

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