1. Introduction

The Geo-Engineering Integration (GEI) group delivers optimum technical solutions and support for CNPC’s worldwide oil and gas operations, covering exploration, development, production, and reservoir management. Beyond acting as a centralized technology consultant, the GEI group propels forward-thinking strategies to enhance CNPC's existing oil and gas portfolios economically and efficiently while actively reducing carbon emissions. It is at the forefront of driving high-level transformational changes within CNPC by identifying and proposing cutting-edge technologies and the best industry practices across all CNPC’s operational spheres, from exploration to production.

2. Capabilities

The GEI group possesses extensive experience with a wide range of both conventional and unconventional assets located in key international regions where CNPC operates, such as China, South America, North America, and the Middle East. With a broad expertise encompassing reservoir geology, geophysics, formation evaluation, well stimulation, reservoir engineering, production engineering, and data science, the group is well-positioned to lead energy and digital transformations. In addition, the GEI group has the technical capability to solve problems related to well interventions and workovers.

Our commitment to research and innovation keeps us informed about industry trends and emerging technologies, allowing us to enhance reservoir management approaches through the collaboration with industrial partners and universities.

3. Products/Technologies

Our portfolio of projects encompasses two main areas. The first focuses on providing technical support and employing cutting-edge technologies to optimize the extraction of oil and gas from primary, secondary, and tertiary methods on CNPC's conventional and unconventional assets.

The second part of our portfolio involves researching advancements in fracturing technologies in North America, digital applications for oil and gas, and clean energy integrations within oil and gas operations. Furthermore, the GEI group is harnessing machine learning as a valuable tool, particularly in the domains of drilling and fracturing, to enhance operational efficiency and overall outcomes.

The GEI group plays a central role in overseeing a significant umbrella project, which consists of several dedicated projects aimed at advancing technology for CNPC. Additionally, we are a major partner in several national research projects and industry consortiums in the United States. We collaborate with service providers and partners to ensure the effective delivery of the latest technologies.

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