Sensors and Measurement

Research advanced technologies for equipment, processes, and materials from the US Oil & Gas Industry and incorporate them into our products and services Develop products specifically for CNPC in various market segments and regions Provide best in class performance and reliability for products and technology Collaborate with client management team and technical personnel for detailed technology assessment to identify product development needs Provide added value for client operations with continuous improvements and product upgrades based on field test results and client operations feedback Continue to grow our engineering staff with in-house experts and partner with external consultants to fulfill client product development requirements Cultivate a collaborative environment for continued technology development and long-term success within the CNPC Organization ​

Expertise and Capabilities

Experienced team of engineers specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware and Software​

Development for Downhole Products and Technologies

Expertise in Downhole Tool design for MWD/LWD/RSS/Wireline Technologies

Tool Level Concept Design for New Product Development

Interface Design for Integration with Existing BHA Components

Ruggedized Electronics/Sensor Packaging for High Shock and Vibration

Prototype Development for V&V Qualification and Field Testing

Product Commercialization – Manufacturing, Assembly, and Testing

Comprehensive Documentation

Operations User Manual / Repair and Maintenance Manual

Spare Parts Inventory List and Service Level Kits

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