Material and Fundamentals


Material and Fundamentals team focused on developing advanced materials and processes to meet the current and future requirements in upstream industry and new energy industry including provide solutions for dissolvable materials, high corrosion, high erosion, high-temperature and high-pressure downhole completion drilling, measurement tools applications, CCUS, geothermal, energy storage industry, etc. Material and fundamentals team developed new materials formulations and processes to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. The materials development closely follows or leads on market demand and the development is based on solid theoretical research and IP investigations. ​

Capability: What we can do for Client, Partner and Potential Team Members

Material and fundamentals team built basic capability for materials testing and processing. The materials include elastomers, thermoplastics, composites, metals, coatings, battery materials, etc. Material and fundamentals team has over 30 sets of materials testing instruments and 10 sets of processing equipments.

Major testing capabilities include

Mechanical properties testing: tensile, compression, shear, flexural strength and modulus testing from room temperature to 300◦C.

Thermal properties testing: DMA, TGA, DSC

Rubber curing rheological properties measurement

HTHP chemical aging testing

Physical properties testing

Metallurgical materials preparation and microstructural observation and analysis

Dissolvable materials testing

Major processing capabilities include

Materials compounding

Rubber and composite molding

Powder metallic materials molding

Metallic materials heat treatment

Battery electrode fabrication

R&D/Product: What We Have Done in the Past. R&D Area Strength

Over the years, Material and Fundamental team has pioneered in the following areas.

1. Developed and serialized dissolvable materials

Dissolvable metallic materials for 40 -180C applications

Dissolvable rubber materials for 40 -175C applications

Dissolvable polymer composite materials for 80 -150C applications

2. Advanced elastomer materials

Performed HT fluoroelastomers development and performed failure mechanism study

Developed AI based material lifetime prediction method under HPHT H2S downhole environment

Special HNBR elastomer materials development

3. Advanced metallic materials

CRA materials failure mechanism study

Developed high erosion-resistant coatings

HT metallic sealing materials development

4. Ultra hard materials development

5. High-capacity battery development

6. CO2 injection well corrosion prevision and sealing materials development

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